Virus and Spyware Removal

Does your computer work slower that usual? Do you have pop-ups that report a virus and suggest for you to buy software / program that would magically fix it? Did your desktop picture change by itself? Do you see new toolbars that you did not install? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, chances are that you have some kind of a virus variant. These computer borne threats are designed to modify your computer's default behavior. 
Our specialists are closely familiar with the inns and outs of the latest in software viruses, adware, spyware malware and other internet bourne threaths.

And many more...

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Our Services

Network Configuration

We can build perfect wired or wireless computer network for your Small Business or home computers making sure it works in most secure and effective way. 

Computer Crash Diagnostics

Hardware failure, software failure, viruses, bugs, incompatible software, incompatible hardware, disk corruption, and many other things can cause your computer work slow or even crash. We make professional diagnostics of root problem your computer has, and estimate of fixing it.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

​If you need more memory to increase speed, we install RAM chips. If your operating system is out of date, we provide software upgrades.

Remote Support for PC

Get remote support for PC by clicking the button below. If you haven't scheduled a remote support appointment, please do so here.

Remote Assistance

If you need help now and can not leave your office or home, we can remotely connect to your computer and fix it at a lesser cost. The remote connection is safe, secure and confidential. We are unable to connect without your explicit permission, so your information is safe. In addition, you will be able to see on your computers screen what is being done and what files are being accessed.

PC Performance Optimization

Our specialists will perform compete tune up of your computer system, including:

  • Registry Cleanup
  • Defragmentation of Hard Disk Drive
  • Disk Cleanup and Checkdisk

Modem/Router Setup & Installation

We are taking care of communication with your Internet provider for you to have most reliable and least expensive Internet in your home in fastest way.

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